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The ASAA offers a variety of programs, including grant opportunities of up to $10,000.These are given to qualifying public, home and private schools. To qualify, at least 30% of the total student body must receive free or reduced lunch.

These much-needed grants go towards:

  • After-school program administration: Funds can be used to pay for staff, program materials, snacks for students, and criminal background checks for workers.
  • Student fees: Funds go towards program fees, field trip expenses and transportation costs.
  • Transportation: Funds go towards transportation to and from activities and field trips in a safe manner. This can include airfare, train, bus or Uber/Lyft services.
  • Program resources: Funds go towards materials, competition fees and snacks.
  • Volunteer assistance and payments: Funds can be used for membership fees, payment for after school work, awards and professional development.
  • After school program materials: Grants for programs up to $1000 go towards programs such as:
    • Rubik’s Cube Enrichment and STEM activities after school through the use of a Rubik’s Cube to solve puzzles and think outside the box. It also teaches direction, focus and trains the brain.
    • Lego Bricks 4 Kidz After-School Classes use Lego blocks to deliver educational and fun playtime activities.
    • Engineer for the Week Facebook’s Engineer for the Week (EFTW) aims to teach the world of technology to students and empower them to explore engineering and computer science skills.

The ASAA will assist with after-school program creation with free program consultations and free creation and materials. We also help with volunteer referrals by conducting preliminary interviews and provide marketing to assist volunteers.